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REFRESH! cleansing milk. A hydrating, sulfate, paraben and fragrance free shampoo for all textures.

good hair starts with a healthy scalp!

Stop wasting product on cleaning your hair, it doesn't grow from there. Put the nutrients where it counts & watch your hair become its best and need less!

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Locally sourced, small batched, no junk!

Growing up in the hair industry & having clients all over the Bay Area, I can really say, I understand hair!

Developing my own products with a small manufacturer, I was able to control what went in them and really customize them to fit a variety of textures, including scalp health, the root of all good hair!

There's a lot of love and thought in every bottle. Ingredients that are truly botanical and enhanced with hair cosmetic ingredients.

NO synthetic fragrance, NO sulfates, NO parabens, VEGAN!

Don't you dig that?

gimme some of that!

simple, healthy & multi-purpose

Is always trending.

Regular use, deep treatment, mask, leave-in, a co-wash,

you'll find more than one way to love REPAIR! conditioning hairapy.

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When I'm not creating new products, drinking americanos or in mom mode, you can find me here helping people dig their hair.

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Does your hair need some new swag?

Because services!!

Dry/Wet haircutting

What to expect:

1Hr 15min

Every haircut (men or women's) most of the time starts dry, is washed and conditioned then fine tuned wet then fine tuned again dry & styled. I will teach you practical ways to manage your style & texture, showing you exactly what to do. If your hair is curly, you'll need to arrive in a clean, no product, detangled natural curly state.

Mens grey blending

What to expect:

1Hr 30min

If needed your hair is cut first then a custom color is tailored to your goals and taste then will process for 30min. Your hair is then washed , conditioned and styled. I will show you practical ways to manage your new color, style & texture, showing you exactly what to do.

vivids & hi lighting

What to expect:

Varies from 1Hr 30min - 4Hr 30min.

It's my priority to make sure your color lasts, fades beautifully and your hair remains as healthy as possible. I will teach you how to keep a home hair care regimen and what you will need to do to maintain your color going forward.

A Safe smoothing treatment

What to expect:


The First Shampoo is the only smoothing service I do because it is not a relaxer, does not contain formaldehyde or harmful chemicals. It helps manage your own texture making it easier to handle with less frizz, bulk and coarseness. It is safe to use along with other chemical services. It simply is a better version of your own texture, not completely altering it. Lasts for 3 months.

Add on & Relax

Korean face mask, under eye renew, Hairapy & express Olaplex Treatments


Add these to any service or just come in for them as is. Sometimes a little refresh is all you need!


1700 Park Ave.

Suite #18

San Jose Ca,


Wednesday 11am-8Pm

Friday 11am-7pm

Saturday 9am-5pm

Brentwood by Appointment request only.

Salon policy

Your appointments are very important to us. They are reserved especially for you. We understand that someitmes schedule adjustments are necessary; therefore, we respectfully request 24hours notice for all appointments under 2 hours.

72 Hours is required for lengthy services 2 or more hours.

Please understand I have a limited schedule to see everyone, as well this is my livelihood. A forgotten appointment or changing your mind at the last minute, impacts my clientele and my income.

Cancellation Fee will apply.

- Less than 24hr -72 hours services will result in a charge equal to 50% of the reserved service amount.

-NO SHOWS will be charged 100% of the reserved service amount.

All appointments will have plenty of notified reminders to allow adequate time to reschedule. Your appointments are your responsibility.

Keeping a high standard for booking keeps my clients happily served and my books full.

Thank you for viewing and supporting our policies.

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